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2010-04-19: Lucy Komisar Snags National Headliner Award by webmaster
Her Haiti stories shone a harsh light on reported IDT kickbacks to Aristide and the diversion of telephone revenue due Haiti. She also exposed top N.J. Republicans at IDT one of whom was forced to resign. She won this award for a separate investigation.
Rating: 5
2010-03-21: Justice Dept. Pursuing Reported Telecom Bribing of Aristide by Lucy Komisar, in Slate (The Big Money)
Recent unsealing of government's statute-of-limitations extension plus "turning" of witnesses in recent Florida convictions suggest corruption case is still alive, using the facts of the Haitian government's 2005 lawsuit as a guide. IDT may be targeted.
Rating: 5
2009-11-19: International Community Pretending that a One-Party State Is Democracy by Pierre Robert Auguste
If all the efforts of the internationals lead to a one-party state, democratization has failed and there should be an inquiry into the corruption of certain members of MINUSTAH.
Rating: 5
2009-03-13: Congresswoman Pressed Bailout for Bank Her Husband Directed by Eric Lipton and Jim Rutenberg, New York Times
A charge that Rep. Maxine Waters channeled U.S. funds to family. There was a similar story in the L.A. Times in 2004.
Rating: 3
2009-03-13: Outcry Against Powerful Congresswoman's Use of Office for Private Gain by New York Times readers
"Just another small-time elected crook ostensibly operating on behalf of the communities they represent, but in reality just lining their own pockets, and protecting their own personal interest. Absolutely shameful..."
Rating: 3
2009-03-13: Keeping the Money in the Family by Paul Kiel, Pro Publica
Record of Congresswoman Waters calling Treasury on behalf of bank where her husband had major interest: a former director and held between $250,000 and $500,000 of its stock.
Rating: 3
2009-03-12: Waters Helped Bank Whose Stock She Once Owned by Susan Schmidt, Wall Street Journal
She publicly boosted OneUnited's executives and criticized its government regulators at hearings. Helped get the bank a meeting with Treasury officials which netted $12 million.
Rating: 3
2008-10-28: Democrats for Despotism by Mary Anastasia O'Grady
It took eight years, but on Oct. 8 I finally got a copy of Fusion's 1999 contract with Teleco. By law it is public but Fusion wouldn't give it to me until the FCC made them. Now I think I know why.
Rating: 5
2008-09-14: Manager for GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Linked to Haiti Bribery by Lucy Komisar in the Huffington Post
Michael Glassner served as a vice-president at IDT. At issue was the company's alleged deal made with former president Aristide for a monopoly on telephone service in exchange for kickbacks paid into an offshore shell corporation. Now head of VP campaign.
Rating: 5
2008-09-03: Palin Campaign Operations Chief Was VP of IDT, Investigated for Haiti Bribery by Lucy Komisar
Michael Glassner, in charge of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palinís campaign operations, was till April 18th a vice-president of IDT, the New Jersey-based telecom fined $1.3 million by the FCC for failing to file its Haiti contract.
Rating: 5
2008-07-16: FCC Fines Aristide-Linked Telecom $1.3 Million by Lucy Komisar, in Conde Nast Portfolio
IDT, run by one of McCain's top fundraisers, James Courter, is fined for failing to disclose Haiti contract under which it diverted long-distance revenue to a Turks & Caicos shell company owned by Aristide.
Rating: 5
2008-07-16: Above Article Forces Resignation from McCain Campaign by Lucy Komisar, in Conde Nast Portfolio
Jim Courter resigns from the McCain campaign after publication of the above article. A former Republican New Jersey congressman, he had been with the campaign since February 2007.
Rating: 5
2007-03-13: Sealed Evidence in the IDT Haiti Case Is Revealed by Lucy Komisar, investigative journalist
Read Michael Jewett's detailed account of what happens in a major corporation when a lone employee stands up against corruption. Can also happen in an NGO.
Rating: 5
2006-09-27: Recorrecting Our Correction about the Haiti Democracy Project by The Oregonian
As a British journal is finding out, there is no quicker way to bulk up your corrections column than by printing unverified propaganda of partisan groups.
Rating: 5
2006-09-18: Is Top Justice Official Shielding a Firm Accused of Bribery? by Lucy Komisar
Special for Alice Fisher's nomination was voted by the Senate, but there was a conflict of interest in that she is helping block an investigation of her former client, the IDT, accused of bribery in the Haitian telephone scam.
Rating: 5
2006-09-18: See All of Lucy Komisar's Articles on the Aristide Telecom Scam by The Komisar Scoop
Read the prizewinning journalist's articles in Corpwatch, Guerrilla News Network, and Haiti Democracy Project, visit her web page to learn how corruptionists abroad and at home use offshore banks to rip off poor third-world countries.
Rating: 5
2006-09-18: Shouldn't Have Confirmed this Justice Dept. Official Without Investigation by Haiti Democracy Project
We are concerned that a top Justice official was confirmed by the Senate 61-35 although she blocked an investigation of her former client, IDT, a telephone company charged in the embezzlement scheme with President Aristide.
Rating: 5
2006-09-07: British Journal Is Victimized by news media
The distinguished medical journal is the latest dupe in Aristide's campaign to strip away U.N. protection so that Haiti will be defenseless against his gangs.
Rating: 3
2006-09-07: Human Rights Abuse: A Random Survey of Households by Athena R. Kolbe and Royce Hutson, Lancet magazine
The study purports to show that U.N. soldiers, police, and anti-Lavalas gangs, but not pro-Lavalas ones, raped 35,000 Haitian women. Lyn Duf, the main author, is a perfervid Aristide activist posing as a neutral academic.
Rating: 1
2006-08-30: Let's Try Supporting Rather than Slamming Haiti by Michael Deibert, on Alterpresse
Commentary from April 2006. Claiming to be progressive, Znet, The New Left Review and others have in fact been doing the work of Haitiís reactionary landowners and upper-class, marginalizing peasant and worker activists.
Rating: 5
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