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2012-10-15: U.S. Still Investigating Telecom Suspected of Bribing Aristide by Lucy Komisar, prizewinning investigative reporter
Justice Department still investigating charges former IDT employee D. Michael Jewett made in 2004 that the company had paid off Haitian officials including Aristide to get a contract.
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2012-05-26: Leading Aristide-Appointed Embezzler Sentenced to Nine Years by Department of Justice
The impunity which Aristide accorded Teleco official Jean René Duperval in Haiti is not replicated by U.S. courts. Eight convicted so far.
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2012-05-26: Haiti Corruption Case Shadowed by Violence by Curt Anderson, Associated Press, in Miami Herald
After Teleco's Aristide-era director pleaded guilty to money-laundering conspiracy and agreed to testify about other Haitian officials, his father was gunned down in Port-au-Prince.
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2012-03-12: Murder of Venel Joseph by Radio Metropole
Father of a key witness of Aristide's alleged embezzlement at Teleco.
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2012-03-03: Miami Bribery Probe Zeroes in on Aristide by Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald
The investigation into suspected payments to Aristide, kept alive for years by the independent journalist Lucy Komisar, now gathering steam as informants tell all to Feds.
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2011-08-05: Two More Telecom Execs Guilty of Bribing Haitian Officials by Department of Justice, courtesy of corruption investigator Lucy Komisar
Convicted by a federal jury on all counts for their roles in a scheme to pay bribes to Haitian government officials at Teleco during Aristide presidency in return for sweetheart contracts.
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2011-07-23: More U.S. Indictments of Aristide-Era Teleco Officials by U.S. District Court in Miami, by courtesy of corruption investigator Lucy Komisar
Federal grand jury finds probable cause that more Teleco officials took bribes in return for steering business to U.S.-based telecoms.
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2010-06-02: Alleged Aristide Accomplice in Teleco Looting Gets Four Years by Department of Justice
Robert Antoine, director of int'l relations at Teleco 2001-2003, admitted to taking bribes from 3 U.S. telecoms to defraud Teleco. Haitian government filed suit in 2005 alleging Aristide involvement in scheme.
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2010-03-23: Government Corruption Will Block Reconstruction by James Morrell, in Associated Press
James Morrell, director of the Washington-based Haiti Democracy Project, said government corruption would block any serious effort to develop the country. "They need to go back to Obama and say, 'Let's not put all our eggs in one basket.'"
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2009-12-21: U.S. Official Connivance in Looting Haiti by Mary Anastasia O'Grady, Wall Street Journal
Recent indictments put the spotlight back on the collusion of high U.S. officials in the despoliation of Haiti via rakeoff of telephone revenue. The author names Democrats but also cites IDT, which sported a roster of top Republicans.
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2009-12-21: Affaire Haitienne Inachevée by Mary Anastasia O'Grady, Wall Street Journal
Traduction de Jean Erich René. English original above.
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2009-12-21: Nineteenth Anniversary of Aristide's Corruption and Misrule by Stanley Lucas
His two priorities in power, until he departed with $350 million, were to enrich himself and monopolize the power.
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2009-12-15: Second Former Official Accused of Looting Teleco Appears in Court by Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald
A former Haitian government official charged in a telecom bribery scheme involving Haiti's state-owned telecommunications company must come up with $100,000 in bail.
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2009-12-11: Will Bribery Probe Hit IDT? by Nathan Vardi,
The U.S. is prosecuting a Haitian telephone official who was found by the Haitian government to have defrauded Haiti by arranging sweetheart contract for U.S. telecom IDT in return for deposits in Aristide's offshore bank account.
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2009-12-08: Major Figure in Alleged Aristide Corruption Scheme Extradited by Radio Kiskeya
Suspected key intermediary in a scheme described in court papers as diverting telephone revenues due Haiti into Aristide's private bank accounts. Suspect arrested in Haiti and flown to U.S.
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2009-12-08: Indictments in Alleged Aristide Corruption Case by Department of Justice
Alleged roles in a foreign bribery, wire fraud and money laundering scheme. Money due the national telephone company instead allegedly siphoned off into Aristide bank account.
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2009-12-07: I Hate Being on the Receiving End! by Jean-Bertrand Aristide, quoted in Le Matin
The former president who pressured the electoral commission to discard opposition votes in 2000 now complains when Préval plays the same tricks on his party.
Rating: 1
2009-03-30: French Proposal Would Crack Down on Money-Laundering Site Linked to Aristide by Lucy Komisar, Interpress Service
The type of Turks and Caicos shell company which court documents found IDT Communications and Aristide using to embezzle state income would come under greater scrutiny.
Rating: 3
2009-03-13: Aristide Still Living Large in South Africa by South Africa Sunday Times
He gets a South African cabinet minister's salary, more than $300,000 a year.
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2008-12-02: Exhumé, Back as Minister of Justice: Can He Exhume the Aristide-Embezzlement File that Préval Dropped So Quickly? by Nancy Roc, in Le Matin
Last summer Lucy Komisar reported the role of Aristide and top Republicans in the looting of Teleco. The FCC levied a $1.3 million fine and a CEO resigned. But in Haiti, the case to recover the stolen funds remains stagnant.
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