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2015-05-02: Project Joins Observer Groups in Port-au-Prince by webmaster
The Haiti Democracy Project joined some eleven Haitian groups convening at Le Plaza Hotel to cooperate on the next election
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2014-12-24: Neither Side Wants Elections by James Morrell in the Latin America Advisor
Martelly has not been able to organize his own party. The other side is not ready, either. It occurs to neither to hold them anyhow and let the chips fall where they may.
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2014-07-28: Elections Déjà Vu All Over Again by Timothy Carney and Mark Schneider on the Huffington Post
The delay is the collective product of the whole elite from the president to the opposition, financiers, and operators behind the scenes. Secretary Kerry will need to repeat his Afghan performance in Haiti.
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2014-06-11: Project Delegate Sifts Electoral Options by Frantz Duval in le Nouvelliste
The writer is executive editor of Le Nouvelliste and was a member of our Thirty-fifth Haitian Business Delegation
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2014-05-07: Haiti Has the Capacity to Hold Good Elections by James Morrell, interviewed by Radio Energie, Boston
Haiti did hold free and democratic ones in 2006 under the management of Jacques Bernard. We very much regretted it when he was forced out of the electoral commission in 2007. Haiti is still paying the price for that today.
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2014-04-12: U.S. Needs Management Plan to Make Next Elections Free and Fair by James Morrell in the Latin America Advisor
Ought not settle for less. There needs to be a purposeful strategy, don't wait until fraudulent votes flood the Tabulation Center.
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2014-03-03: Next Elections must Be Free and Fair by James Morrell, letter in Washington Post
Recent elections have been fraudulent. U.S. policy-makers settle for that out of sheer relief in having elections at all. But Haiti has the wherewithal for good elections.
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2013-11-03: Maybe Elections Really Are Coming by webmaster
President Martelly's Tet Kale party is offering some Haitians $23 on their cell phones if they will vote the ticket. For a senator elected for six years, that comes to $4 a year.
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2013-07-10: Lack of Will for Elections this Year by Haiti Democracy Project founding member Rudy Boulos, on Haiti Press Network
The electoral commission and the other actors risk letting two-thirds of the senate lapse, and so the whole legislature, leaving us in a tough situation. This despite the fact that the Martelly administraton has performed well on other fronts.
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2013-07-06: Civil Society Urges Government to Get on with Elections by Prof. Rosny Deroches, Rev. Edouard Paultre, et al.
The electoral commission appears to be delaying the electoral law, while the prime minister speaks of postponing elections well into the future.
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2013-06-19: Prime Minister Hails Project's Electoral Observation by Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe
"I congratulate you for the leadership. You played a very important role in the last election when you sent a team and helped the will of the people become a reality, because it wasn't so before your visit."
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2013-06-19: President's Commendation of Haiti Democracy Project's Electoral Observation by President Michel Martelly
You played a central role in exposing fraud in the first round of presidential elections which led to a recount for the 2011 second round.
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2013-06-19: Comparing Haiti Democracy and OAS Mission Costs by webmaster
Bar graphs, data measure the costs, observers, findings, and deliverables of the two electoral missions.
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2013-06-19: University of Toronto Research Cites Project's Innovations on a Low Budget by Antoine Nouvet, University of Toronto
A few individuals on the ground, acting with their own resources, were able to achieve results that a sophisticated and very-well-funded multinational electoral observation mission could not.
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2013-06-19: Ambassador Cites Project's Electoral Observation by Amb. Raymond Joseph, at U.S. Institute of Peace
At a U.S. Institute of Peace seminar on the Haitian elections, Amb. Raymond Joseph describes how the Project caught a government candidate padding his total with one or two hundred votes.
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2013-06-19: Comment l'Haiti Democracy Project a Découvert l’invisible fraude by Leslie Péan
Il a dénoncé les techniques de fraude (photos à l’appui) qui permettent de lire la grammaire de l’arbitraire et d’entrevoir la portée réelle de cette mascarade. La comparaison des feuilles de pointage et des procès-verbaux permet de découvrir la fraude.
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2013-06-18: How the Haiti Democracy Project Discovered the Invisible Fraud by Leslie Péan
Their comparison of the polling returns to the posted results shows the invisible fraud which certain people tried extremely hard to circumvent and hide. The votes of the Unité candidates were inflated from 18 on the polling returns to 118 or 218.
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2013-04-12: Voting Machines Easily Fooled by Princeton University computer scientists
They demonstrated vote-stealing software that can be installed within a minute on a common electronic voting machine. The software can fraudulently change vote counts without being detected.
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2013-02-02: Cheryl Mills Is in Haiti by webmaster
She will continue on Haiti under Secretary Kerry. This trip inaugurates a full-court press for elections in 2013. Look for a CEP April-May, elections November.
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2013-01-21: Plateau People Doubt Fair Election by Ronel Odatte, Alterpresse
Le sentiment, au sein de plusieurs organisations et chez plusieurs personnes interrogées, est le doute par rapport notamment à la capacité du pouvoir actuel, ou sa volonté, de réaliser des élections crédibles.
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