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2005-07-25: Jacques Roche's Mother Denies Claimed Kinship by Radio Kiskeya
Jacques Roche's mother denies Jean-Juste's claim of family relationship to slain reporter.
Rating: 3
2005-07-20: Reporters Will March for Their Security by Radio Metropole
A tribute will be done for Jacques Roche. They will take the day to also brief on the situation. They have organized a march to bring the government's attention to the security situation.
Rating: 3
2005-07-17: They Tortured Him Before Shooting Him in the Mouth by Nancy Roc, on Radio Metropole
The prizewinning journalist accuses armed criminals and pro-Aristide activists of responsibility for the murder of the reporter Jacques Roche.
Rating: 5
2005-07-15: Shocked by Murder of Jacques Roche by Association of Caribbean Media Workers, Reporters sans Frontieres
Reporters' human-rights groups are shocked and appalled at the murder of Jacques Roche.
Rating: 3
2005-07-15: Condemning Death of Jacques Roche by French foreign ministry, on Radio Metropole
Decrying murder of journalist and noting difficulties faced by the U.N. mission.
Rating: 3
2005-07-14: Reporter Jacques Roche Tortured and Murdered by Radio Metropole
Jacques Roche was confirmed dead when his body was found by the police.
Rating: 3
2005-06-21: Solidarity with Nancy Roc by Haitian American Media Association of Massachusetts
Shocked by the crude threats that forced the prizewinning reporter to flee Haiti for her life. Absolute impunity for the perpetrators is the cause.
Rating: 3
2005-06-19: Nancy Roc Newly Threatened with Kidnapping by Alterpresse
The prizewinning reporter for Metropole once again forced to flee country. Threats multiplied, kidnapping appeared to be imminent. Radio station owner was kidnapped two weeks ago, escaped.
Rating: 5
2005-02-04: Pas de Menace Contre la Liberté de la Presse En Haiti by AlterPresse
Selon Max Chauvet :« La période d'urgence c'était plutôt en 2003 (sous le régime d'Aristide) et non aujourd'hui ». Durant cette époque « il y a eu une politique systématique de violations contre les journalistes et les médias dits indépendants ».
Rating: 3
2005-01-24: Condemning Reporter's Killing by Inter-American Press Association
IAPA condemns killing of Abdias Jean, a correspondent for a Miami radio station and deplores other incidents against journalists and the media.
Rating: 3
2005-01-24: Police Investigation of Reporter's Killing Promised by Caribbean Media Corp.
Abdias Jean and several youngsters were killed when heavily armed policemen raided Village de Dieu, a Port-au-Prince shantytown believed to be a bastion of gangs loyal to Aristide.
Rating: 3
2004-11-10: Leader of Gonaïves Gang Falsely Accuses Top Journalist by Reporters sans frontières
Winter Etienne, a leader of a former Aristide gang in Gonaïves that rebelled and helped overthrow him, has made false and threatening accusations against the prizewinning journalist Nancy Roc. RSF statement in French, English & Spanish.
Rating: 3
2004-07-21: Haitian Supreme Court Orders Murder Case of Jean Dominque to be Re-Opened by Pierre Esperance, National Coalition for Haitian Rights
On June 28 the Supreme Court of Haiti handed down a ruling which allows the investigation surrounding the April 2000 murder of Jean Dominique to be re-opened.
Rating: 3
2004-07-09: Movement on Dominique Murder Case by Reporters sans frontières
The authorities have kept their promise. Their attitude is totally different from that of the former government. But it still does not mean an end to impunity.
Rating: 3
2004-07-07: Press Freedom Has Dramatically Improved in Haiti by Reporters sans frontières
The new rulers are taking a very different attitude to the murders of Dominique and Lindor and seem determined to solve the cases, which would show that a return to the rule of law is underway.
Rating: 3
2004-07-01: Attack on Nancy Roc by Haiti sources
Unknown assailants shot into the prizewinning journalist's car.
Rating: 3
2004-06-07: Protesting Photographer's Arrest by Committee to Protect Journalists
The CPJ is alarmed that the transitional government has detained a cameraman without charge and closed a radio and television station owned by the Aristide Foundation for Democracy.
Rating: 3
2004-06-07: RSF Mission in Haiti by Reporters sans Frontieres
A mission arrives in Haiti June 7 to review press freedom three months into transitional regime and follow up on Dominique, Lindor and Ortega cases.
Rating: 3
2004-05-21: For Radio Journalist, Haiti Is 'Place of Permanent Peril' by Nora Boustany, Washington Post
Aristide supporters drew up list of six prominent journalists for execution. "We even knew how they were going to kill us," Marie Lucie Bonhomme said, referring to a police officer who was raped and killed after speaking out against Aristide.
Rating: 5
2004-05-21: Haiti Journalists Win Award by North American Congress on Latin America
Daniel Morel and Jane Regan are co-recipients of the 2004 Samuel Chavkin Prize for Integrity in Latin American Journalism.
Rating: 3
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