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2015-03-15: Walking the Tightrope by webmaster
Between opportunity and risk -- the Thirty-Seventh Business Delegation describes the narrow path for job-creating investment in Haiti
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2014-09-09: Setting 2015 Expos by Haiti Renewal Alliance
Network with investors in Haiti including big U.S. government agencies. One expo in Haiti January 15-16, the other in Washington June 18-19
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2014-07-29: Prime Minister Salutes Haiti Democracy Project Business Delegate by Radio Métropole
Commends Nathalie Buteau Antoine and her family for their $30 million investment in 85 new rooms, two restaurants, a bar, a café, and several stores, augmenting the tourist sector.
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2014-07-29: Washington Forum on Haiti Features 'Haiti Needs Job-Creating Investors' by Amb. Ernest H. Preeg, chairman of the project
Puts his Wall Street Journal letter on the front page of the website.
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2014-06-28: Haiti Needs Job-Creating Investors by Amb. Ernest H. Preeg, chairman of the project, in the Wall Street Journal
Haiti has a low-cost, hard-working labor force, and investors have risen to the opportunity. A letter inspired by the superb investors of the thirty-fifth and previous business delegations
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2014-05-28: Délégué du projet pour la Démocratie personnalité de l'année pour les petites entreprises by le Nouvelliste
H. Charles est le premier Haïtien-Américain à recevoir ce prix. Membre de la 33-eme délégation.
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2014-05-22: Heineken, Digicel, Other Top Investors on Thirty-fifth Business Delegation by webmaster
Thirty-fifth Haitian Business Delegation: Top companies that have invested much in Haiti and would like to do more tour Washington's power centers to gauge the level of support.
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2014-05-22: Project Delegate Wins Small-Business Person of the Year Award by U.S. Small Business Administration
Harold Charles, member of our Thirty-third Delegation, snags 2014 award for Maryland, recognized for "hard work, innovative ideas, and dedication."
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2014-03-19: Business Delegate Snags 'Haïti Cherie' Award by Tequila Minsky in Caribbean Life
Honoree is Haitian-Canadian Katleen Félix from Montreal, member of our Thirty-fourth Business Delegation during February 24-26. She also heads the Haitian Hometown Association Resource Group and the Haitian Diaspora Federation.
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2014-03-17: Opening in Washington, D.C. March 20, 2014 by Galérie Monnin
Irresistible combination: You are invited to Haitian art, rum and music in Adams Morgan on Thursday, Mar. 20 4-8 p.m. to celebrate opening of first branch of Galérie Monnin.
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2014-03-03: Haitian Genius on Display by St. Patrick's Episcopal Church
The breathtaking colors and grace of Haiti shone forth in this exquisite annual art sale.
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2014-03-02: 34th Business Delegation Puts Haiti's Best Face Forward by webmaster
From the State Department to the Hill, the dynamic women and entrepreneurs from Cap-Haïtien and the capital focus attention on bankable projects in Haiti.
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2014-02-10: Environmental Workshop by Guichard Doré
L’institut est la manifestation de l’intérêt du gouvernement pour agir sur les problèmes de bidonvilisation des quartiers résidentiels, de construction anarchique, de déforestation, de glissements de terrain, de feux de forêt.
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2013-12-18: Business Delegate Is Entrepreneur of the Year by webmaster
"I want to thank Digicel for recognizing CEEPCO's tireless work to help rebuild my homeland," said Haiti Democracy Project business delegate Harold Charles. "I am proud to receive this award, which elevates Haiti's growing private sector."
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2013-12-11: Thirty-third Business Delegation Wins High-level Support for Haitian Entrepreneurship by webmaster
Several of the institutional interlocutors of the delegation undertook specific measures of support of Haitian and diaspora enterprise. Will translate into jobs and homes for disadvantaged Haitians.
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2013-12-11: Harold Charles, un entrepreneur à succès by le Nouvelliste
Member of Thirty-third Business Delegation: "We started it in the basement of my house in the United States with an initial contract of $1,200."
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2013-12-11: HRA Expos 2014 by Haiti Renewal Alliance
January 17-18, 2014, Port-au-Prince. June 6-7, Washington. Fifth Annual Investment Expo & Conference. Gathers high-profile officials, investors, NGOs, bankers, funders, entrepreneurs. Still time to sign up.
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2013-12-10: How this Haiti Democracy Project Delegate Is Rebuilding Haiti by Black Enterprise Magazine
Member of our current delegation is among a handful of U.S. government Haitian-American "prime" construction grantees in Haiti. Now contracted for site development for permanent shelters in northern Haiti.
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2013-12-01: Haiti Democracy Project Delegate: Let's Give Boat People a Reason Not to Go by Radio Metropole
Distraught by the drowning of 30 more boat people in the Atlantic, Senator Hyppolite cites the three great rivers, agriculture, and tourist lures of his Nord-Ouest province as ripe for development.
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2013-11-16: Haiti Democracy Project Delegate Opening Second Plant in Caracol by webmaster
Sowmya Krishnamoorthy, executive director of the construction company Kaitek, is expanding from Port-au-Prince to the northeastern industrial park. She was a member of our Thirty-Second Business Delegation during September 2013.
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