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Director of operations, Le Nouvelliste newspaper

Founded in 1898, Le Nouvelliste is Haiti's oldest and largest daily. Its name is known by all Haitians. It is considered an experienced, reliable and helpful information source. That's how it has lasted so long in a country with an extended past of political instability.

Le Nouvelliste’s mission is to enhance Haitian society by collecting, creating and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment content. Through the years, it has grown to become Haiti’s leading media group with:

  • two radio stations (Magik9 100.9 FM, Visa FM 88.1)
  • a TV station (ch20) in the works
  • Ticket Magazine (entertainment/people)
  • Magic Haiti (English monthly publication)
  • Lakay Weekly (weekly newspaper in English)

Jean Max Chauvet has a B.S. in finance and marketing from Bentley University and a masters in science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a masters in marketing from American University. He is a member of l’Association Touristique d’Haiti(ATH) and la Chambre de Commerce et de l'Industrie de l’ouest.

LE NOUVELLISTE 198 Rue du Centre Port-au-Prince, Haïti Phone: (509) 3111-1010


General manager and country director, Haiti Broilers S.A.

A joint venture of Jamaican and Haitian business partners. The Jamaica Broilers Group a fifty-three-year-old agro-processing company with operations in livestock, poultry, fish, prepared meats and convenience foods, animal feeds and an ethanol processing plant.

Over the past half century Jamaica Broilers has developed core competence in world-class poultry operations to apply in Haiti toward an efficient and profitable poultry industry. Haiti Broilers currently provides Haitian poultry farmers under its Hi-Pro brand name:

  • broiler chicks
  • pullets
  • feeds
  • equipment
  • technical advice (gratis)

Since March 3, 2012, Haiti Broilers has been hatching chicks and producing feeds from its facilities at Lafiteau, just north of Port-au-Prince. The hatchery can produce one hundred thousand chicks a week. The feed mill can produce over ninety tons of feed a day and is able to manufacture an array of poultry and other animal feeds.

Currently, most of the inputs for our operations are sourced from the Unted States. These include fertile eggs, corn, soya, vaccines and a variety of micro ingredients. The HB/Hi-Pro brand of products (chicks and feeds) are being distributed by a network of over one hundred distributors spread from Cap-Haìtien to Jérémie to Les Cayes. HB maintains an inventory of poultry-related equipment and supplies, feed supplements and medications at its Lafiteau site. These Hi-Pro products have been warmly received and are helping farmers make their businesses profitable and sustainable.

Dave Fairman has a B.S. in mathematics and computer science from the University of the West Indies and an M.S. in computer science from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Haiti Broilers, Building #47 Parc Industriel, Sonapi Port-au-Prince, Haiti Telephone – 509 3702 5308


He is a consultant on public policy and politics in Haiti. He has advised a number of Haitian and American businesses. Since 1993, he has led over thirty delegations of business leaders from Haiti on fact-finding visits to Washington.

He has played a key role in both promoting the HOPE textile initiative and in bringing a large Korean textile manufacturer to Caracol, Haiti to make it a reality. From 2002 to 2004, he consulted with l’Association des Industries d'Haìti in drafting and promoting in Washington the HERO trade bill, which together with the follow-on HOPE legislation transformed the then-dormant garment sector into a leading engine of job creation. Since then has consulted for the CTMO-HOPE commission, a tripartite government-business-labor group.

He is a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and has a masters in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University,. He is a founding member of le Centre pour la Libre Entreprise et la Democratie (CLED) and presently serves as its secretary-general.


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