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Walking the Tightrope

Roberson Alphonse explains to U.S. policy-makers the conditions of business in Haiti


Roberson Alphonse

Executive Editor  and  Head of  National News  Desk
198 Rue du Centre
Port-au-Prince, Haïti
Telephone : (509) 34204041

Founded in 1898, Le Nouvelliste is Haiti’s oldest and the only daily news paper.  Its name and brand are both recognized and known by a large number of Haitians.  The newspaper is considered as an experienced, reliable and helpful source of information.   This is the reason why it has lasted for so long in a country with an extended past of political instability.  Le Nouvelliste is also the most viewed internet web site of Haiti (
Le Nouvelliste’s mission is to enhance Haitian society by collecting, creating and distributing high quality news, information and entertainment content.  Throughout the years, Le Nouvelliste has grown to become Haiti’s leading media group with two radio stations (Magik 9 100.9 FM, Visa FM 88.1) a television station (Ch 20) in the works and several magazines and publications such as:

  • Ticket Magazine (Entertainment/People)
  • Magik Haiti (English monthly publication)
  • Lakay Weekly (weekly news paper in English)

Roberson Alphonse, has been Executive Editor in Head of National News Desk since 2011. He’s also News Director of the Radio Station Magic 9 100.9 FM.
He studied and holds a degree from “Centre Haitien de Formation des Journalistes”
He preside at l’Association des Journalistes Haitiens  (AJH) the committee for continuous training
He has received the following honor:
Carlo Desinor Award for the best Journalist of the year (2009, Haiti)
Leadership Influence Award by the Association of Friends of Haiti (2010, New York)
He was on the panel at the UNESCO Conference on the “Reconstruction of the social fabric of Haiti (2010, Paris)

Kisha Terry Boucard

Executive Assistant to the CEO – Project Manager for United Nations Contracts
Boucard Pest Control & Sanitation S.A
1, Rue Richard Jules, Delmas 75
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone : (509) 3669 2153/(509) 2942-4444
Email :
A family owned business, Boucard Pest Control & Sanitation S.A (BPC) was founded in 1978 by Bernard Boucard as a one man operation. Thirty seven years later, BPC has become one of the most important private companies in the pest control and waste management industry in Haiti with over 100 direct employees and a fleet of more than 30 service equipments.
Their services include but are not limited to: Insect & Rodent control program, Termite Treatments, Fumigation of Commodities, Solid Waste Management, Disposal of expired commodities, Dumpster rental, Industrial & Commercial cleaning, Portable Toilet Rental & Cleaning, and Septic Tank Cleaning.
Their clients’ portfolio include: Ministry of Public Works & Communication, US Embassy, United Nations, American Red Cross, Heineken, Best Western Premier, World Vision, Bank Republique d’Haiti (BRH), USAID, BID...
Kisha Terry Boucard ( Terry), was born and raised in Port au Prince, Haiti. She received her Bachelor Degree in Management and Marketing from Loyola University in New Orleans Louisiana in 2004.  In the spring of 2005, Terry pursued her MBA at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. She worked for four years at Nationwide Insurance Company as a Bodily Injury Claims Adjuster. On October 2008, Terry moved back to Port au Prince and started working at Boucard Pest Control & Sanitation S.A.
Kisha Terry Boucard is a member of the following Association and Institution:

National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)
AMCHAM of Haiti
Haitian Chamber of Commerce (CCIO)
Member Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc – Eta Theta Chapter

Jean Dorvil Etienne

General Director
Institut Sacre Coeur du Cap Haïtien
30, Rue Saint Catherine
Cap Haïtien, Haïti
Téléphone : (509) 767-9410/(509) 3170-9340

Founded in 2001 l’Institut Sacre Coeur du Cap Haitien (ISCCH) is a well respected private high school.  In addition ISCCH has a professional program which provides training in computer science, accounting, custom broker and tourism.  The institute also provides specialized training in driving heavy duty equipment.
Mr. Jean Dorvil Etienne is also a majority owner of a construction firm called Bureau d’Ingenierie et d’Expertise Nationale (BIEN) which has been in operation since 2009. He is also a major investor in the lodging industry in a new 24 room Hotel named Retrouvaille which is being built on Boulevard du Cap Haitien on the city water front.
Mr. Etienne holds a BS in Economic and Statistic from Le Centre Techniques de Plannifications et d’Economie Appliquee (C.T.P.E.A). He also has a master in Management and public Policy from the University of Chile in Santiago.
Since 1994 he has been a lecturer at two universities in Cap Haitian.
He is an active member de la Chambre de Commerce du Nord et du Nord Est.

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Christopher P. R. Etienne

Christopher P.R Etienne
Fourth year Student in Engineering
University at Buffalo
302C Clinton Hall
University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14261
Telephone : (716) 903 778

Christopher Etienne is studying engineering at the University at Buffalo where he expects to receive a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in May 2015.  His GPA is 3.56.
He has had work experiences at Saint Thomas University in Miami Florida and has done an internship at Bureau d’Ingenerie et d’Expertise National (BIEN) in Cap Haitian which he hopes to join when he finish with his studies.
Christopher is participating in this fact finding visit to accompany his father Jean Dorvil Etienne who is not as fluent in English as he is in French and Spanish.

Katleen Félix
International Consultant in Migration and Development Fonkoze Representative 1584 Ducharme, Outremont, Quebec Canada H2V 1G3 Telephone: 514-574-5267 / 917-375-6902 Email: Consulting practice that brings over 20 years of experience and commitment to the table working with the Haitian Diaspora on sustainability projects in Haiti. Results oriented, this includes entrepreneurship and investment programs, research and analysis, focus groups and capacity building seminars. Although Haiti is our focus these projects and programs can be replicated in other geographic areas as required. Katleen Felix is an international consultant in Migration and development with over 15 years of experience as a senior financial officer for major corporations, 20 years in leadership and volunteer roles in not-for-profit organizations working with SMEs in Canada and the USA. She chairs the Haitian Hometown Associations Resource Group (HHTARG also called the RG). The RG was formed in March 2008 by a group of HHTA (Haitian Hometown Associations) leaders for the purpose of strengthening community development projects in Haiti in order to foster economic and social growth with the aim of alleviating poverty in Haiti. Katleen has done consultancy or research for Fonkoze, IDB, IFAD, CEMLA, Oxfam, and Value for Women, Boom Financial and Georgetown University. As project director and Diaspora Liaison at Fonkoze she has assembled a database of nearly 350 HHTA’s and support groups worldwide. Her work with the Haitian Diaspora includes organizing capacity-building programs, informational and networking activities for the HHTA’s in New York, Miami and Boston. She is a founding member the crowd funding site where the public can directly support small growing businesses (SGB) and social projects in Haiti. Her work has been highlighted by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Diaspora Forum 2012 and Zafen is listed as part of the top ten crowd funding sites by Forbes. She is well integrated in the business scene and is the recipient of many awards. Katleen holds a bachelor and a master degree in Finance & International business from HEC Montreal ( She is a member of the following associations and institutions: Haitian Hometown Associations Resource Group (HHTARG) Haitian Diaspora Federation GRAHN - Economic development committee. HEC Montreal Alumni Association, international Committee. Advisory board Vincentian Family (FAMVIN) in Haiti Advisory board Micro-Finance Club of Montreal
Alice Nkunzimana

4 Impasse Alexis
Musseau, Haiti
Telephone: (509) 2811 0292

Papyrus SA is a private, woman-owned, for-profit, limited liability management company, registered in Haiti since 2007, with two generations of development experience with a mission to link local and international aspirations. Decisions are made in country, meaning that they are locally informed, fully cognizant of the Haitian context, and expedient, thereby ensuring that local projects move forward quickly, efficiently, and with lasting results. Papyrus has substantive experience successfully strengthening local organizations, expertise in financial and administrative analysis of both for-profit and non-profit entities, a practiced hand in managing donor funds and local development activities, and a broad network of key informants and clients across numerous sectors. Papyrus is currently managing bilateral-and multilateral-funded projects and has undergone independent annual audits for the last three years with no significant findings.
Papyrus is a partner to RTI in its USAID-financed Local Enterprise and Value Chain Enhancement Project (LEVE), which is an integrated, research-driven approach to value chain, workforce, and capacity development. With a $2.3 million sub-contract, Papyrus’ primary role is to build capacities of Haitian organizations serving targeted agribusiness, textile and apparel, and construction sectors.
Papyrus is currently contracted directly by BRANA/Heineken to manage the Smallholders Allied for Sorghum in Haiti (SMASH) project focused on the local production of sorghum for use in the manufacturing of malted beverages. USAID/Haiti joined the Alliance in 2014 under its GDA program through a buy-in Private Public Partnership Collaboration Agreement—the first of its kind in Haiti —establishing an Alliance Management Committee, which comprises the Managing Director of BRANA, the Deputy Director of USAID, and the President of Papyrus.
With the goal to raise overall rural living standards, Papyrus has partnered with Techno Serve to design a program to combine development efforts in a given area from a cross-section of revenue streams such that the farm family could expect to earn a living wage. This is defined as sufficient net revenue to live day-to-day plus a contingency for unforeseen emergencies. Initially funded by the Kellogg Foundation, Papyrus is conducting the baseline survey and proposing the indicators to follow the populations over the course of the proposed interventions.

Alice Nkunzimana, President Papyrus President was born in Canada and in 1981 moved with her parents to Haiti where she was raised. Her primary and secondary education was received in Haiti and graduate and post-graduate degrees earned abroad. She worked as a curator for 13 living museums in Israel, where she managed a full-time preservation staff of 40 to maintain these landmark properties. She founded Papyrus-a-woman-owned, legally registered, for-profit and tax-compliant private Haitian company—in 2007. With 13 years of management experience, the last seven of which serving as President of Papyrus, she has implemented numerous development projects, including the innovative Papyrus local organization capacity building project. She is Co-President of the Mapou Foundation, a 501(c) 3 registered in both the United States and Haiti, created after the January 2010 earthquake to raise funds for worthwhile organizations on the ground.

Lionel Delatour
Consultant 26 rue Mangones Pétion Ville, Haïti Cell: (509)3702-2464, (509)3448-2464 Email: Lionel Delatour is a consultant on public policy and politics in Haiti. He has advised a number of Haitian and American businesses on the political situation in Haiti. Since 1993, he has led over thirty six delegations of business leaders from Haiti on fact-finding visits to Washington D.C. From 2002 to 2004, he has provided consulting services to l’ASSOCIATION DES INDUSTRIES D’HAITI (ADIH) in drafting and promoting in Washington the trade bill (Hero) which would have provided benefits to Haiti similar to the ones that the African countries were receiving with the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA). He was a leading advocate for the enactment of the HOPE legislation in 2006, the HOPE II legislation in 2008 and the HELP legislation in 2010, which provided favorable trade benefits to Haiti which is allowing the then dormant garment sector to become one of the engines of job creations in this country today. In April 2006, May 2008 and February 2009 he coordinated and participated in the three visits in Washington D.C of President Rene Preval. From July 2007 to September 2013 he has been a consultant for the CTMO-HOPE commission, a tripartite institution led by the government, with representatives of business associations and labor organizations created to help improve and implement the various HOPE legislative initiatives. Lionel Delatour is a graduate of Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service (BSFS) and holds a MPA from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government. He is a founding member of le Centre pour la Libre Entreprise et la Democratie (CLED).

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