Policy Forum with Chief Jean-Robert Faveur: Pictures

Rick Reinhard

Accompanied by Judge Claudy Gassant and Jan Stromsem | Résumé of meeting

Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C., June 27, 2003

From left: Judge Claudy Gassant, Chief Jean-Robert Faveur, and Jan Stromsem (former head of ICITAP)


Audience in Brookings Institution Saul Room.
Among the distinguished attendants and participants from government, media, and NGOs . . .
Marline Alexis
Marx Aristide
James Bone
Rudolph Boulos
Clotilde Charlot
Chantale Cohen
Ladd Connell
Sukhi Dosanje


Harry Dunphy
Jean-Robert Faveur
Fritz Fougy
Claire Gabriel
Claudy Gassant
Meg Gilroy
Sandra Honore
Marika Lynch


Robert Maguire
Charles Manus
James Morrell
Rachel Neild
Ernest Preeg
Jan Stromsem