Lionel Delatour
Delegation leader

September 17–19, 2012

There is widespread recognition of the need to increase investment in Haiti. But much rarer are those who actually do invest their lives and fortunes.

Meet the Thirtieth Haitian Business Delegation.

  • Has the cost of electricity risen prohibitively because of inefficiency and illegal diversion? Delegate Nathalie Buteau Antoine is doubling the size of her hotel nevertheless.
  • Is the lower Delmas area overrun by blight and urban problems? Delegate Greg Figaro is building a thirteen-story banking center there nevertheless.

Comprising five talented women and men, the Thirtieth Business Delegation had this message for leaders of executive agencies and members of Congress: "The glass is half full."

Together they have looked at Haiti and said, "From here the path leads upward."



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