The cover photograph is of Dewitt Peters, the man who was the
catalyst in the development of the dormant talents of Haitian
painters, placing them on the Art map of the world. He opened the
Centre d'Art of Port-au-Prince in May 1944, with the assistance of
several prominent artists and art connoisseurs, including Georges
Remponeau, Maurice Borno, Gerald Bloncourt, Albert Mangones,
Lucien Price, Philippe Thoby-Marcelin and others. The jeep he is
sitting in was painted by a team of the first artists to have joined
the Center.
Soon after the opening, Emmanuel Ledan joined the Centre d'Art as
an assistant to Dewitt Peters. The Haitian Art Society is pleased
to pay homage to him for his valuable contribution.

Cover photo: Courtesy of Carole Rodman