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February 24, 2001

Civil Society Initiative

Communique on Restarting the Negotiations

February 26, 2001

State Department

Calls Haiti's Human Rights Performance "Generally Poor"
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices -2000

February 5, 2001

Joint Statement by International Human Rights Organizations
on Haiti


Calls On Aristide to Make Real Reforms in the Political, Judicial, and Police Areas

Center for International Policy Haiti Project National Coalition for Haitian Rights
Human Rights Watch Rights and Democracy
International Human Rights Law Group Washington Office on Latin America

Covered in

| Le Soir

February 16, 2001

President Aristide

Speech at CARICOM | CARICOM Statement

February 16, 2001

Democratic Convergence

Letter to Congressional Black Caucus

February 23, 2001

Update on Investigation into Jean Dominique's Murder.
Senatorial suspect Toussaint appears before judge after Lavalas senators publicly clash on his claim of parliamentary immunity

February 4

National Coalition of Haitian Rights Action Alert on Attempted Cover-up

January 31, 2001

English translation

Jean-Claude Bajeux

No Man Can Serve Two Masters
A new majority must organize. Français
"Faced with the blackmail of a handful of gang members called 'ghosts' who are financed and protected, faced with the power of money that has bought conscience, loyalty and applause and has permeated the clique with a contemptible arrogance, a new majority must organize and move forward to stop this disastrous course and resume the path of development, jettisoning the demogogy of 'self-sufficiency' and the temptations of predatory enrichment."
February 13, 2001

President Bush

Letter to Aristide

February 26, 2001
Carnival | Cherestal
Electoral Commission Resignations
Rumble in the Palace Guard
Dominique Murder Investigation Snagged Again

February 19, 2001
Political Agreement Coming, Historian Says. SICRAD

February 19, 2001
Haitians Brutalized in Dominican Republic. SICRAD

February 11, 2001
Support for Democratic Convergence

February 9, 2001

Association of Haitian Journalists

Protests Threats

New Police No. 2 Seems Safely Lavalas

February 13, 2001
Politicians React to Prime Ministerial Choice. SICRAD

February 11, 2001

Fanmi Lavalas

Government Plan. Part 1 | Part 2

February 20, 2001

Préval Piñata?

Former President Gets to Stay in $1.2 Million Mansion Amidst Poverty

February 7, 2001

President Aristide

Inaugural Speech Excerpts

January 29, 2001

European Union

Communique | Petition Against this Decision

February 9-13, 2001

Democratic Convergence

Proposal to Aristide | Reports Attacks in Provinces | Claims Support for Shadow Government

February 5, 2001

Human Rights Watch


February 6, 2001
Talks Break Down. SICRAD
France Blames It on Aristide

February 6, 2001
Long List of Distinguished Progressive Americans Endorses Aristide Election.
Letter to President Bush Signed by Noam Chomsky
February 6, 2001
State Department Updates Travel Advisory

January 26, 2001
Reports on long-distance phone contract in Haiti involving former congressman Joseph P. Kennedy and Aristide.
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Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Haiti's Aristide had the votes to win, yet cheated and so drained his win of legitimacy. By James R. Morrell. International Policy Report, August 2000.

Français: A vouloir toujours plus, voilà ce qui arrive...

July 13, 2000
The OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Haiti: Chief of Mission Report to the Permanent Council
March, 1999 Haiti: The Limits to Nation-building

How Haiti's impervious politics has blocked economic progress.


Organisation Fanmi Lavalas
Government Plan
"Investir dans l’Humain.”

Novembre 2000. Programme Économique et Social, 2001-2006.



Secret report of the presidential commission on the disputed 1997 elections.

A CIP-web-page exclusive. Français:

A little background:

(Also known as C.P.A. or Lissade Commission report. Written in 1998, published in 1999.)

Perspective on Elections in Haiti. By Prof. Henry F. Carey.
Published by the University of California

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