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January 31, 2001

Another chance for Aristide

Marina Jiménez. Quotes CIP.

January 18, 2001

Civil Society Initiative

Appeal for Dialogue

January 27, 2001

Democratic Convergence

Opening of National Conference | Manifesto
Press reports no disturbances, several hundred in attendance, tight security.
Contested Lavalas Family senator | U.S. ambassador

December 27, 2000

Léon Manus

Letter to Secretary of State Powell

January 15, 2001

Haiti's Misery: The Political Causes
By Jean-Michel Caroit

January, 2001

What Is the Democratic Convergence?
By the Haiti Support Group, London
January 22, 2001

Bombs Again: Government Accuses the Opposition
More Efforts to Reach a Political Solution
Death Threats Follow-up

January, 2001


Aristide, Again

Catherine Orenstein. The Progressive

"We are 100 percent Aristide here."

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December 11, 2000

Haiti: The Charisma of Aristide, the Impasse of a People

By Jean-Claude Leclerc

How could Jean-Bertrand Aristide, apostle of liberation and the first elected president of Haiti, create a party that is engaged not only in stifling nascent democracy but the hopes of an entire people?

Français. Montréal.

January 22, 2001

Gérard Pierre-Charles

Defend Democracy in the Case of Sauveur Pierre Etienne.
A 1999 Comment by Sauveur Pierre Etienne on the Violence

January 17, 2001

Secretary of State Powell

Testimony on Haiti Policy
Comment by Michelle Karshan

January 12, 2001

President-elect Aristide

Invites Opposition to Meeting at Tabarre

Pressed by the leader of the ruling party of the Dominican Republic, he writes to the Democratic Convergence, "We are pleased to express to you, dear fellow citizens, our desire to welcome you at our residence in order to intensify the dialogue and open the horizons of peace."

January 18. Opposition Accepts With Conditions
Benjamin Gilman
DR party leader
Micha Gaillard
SICRAD: A Turning Point?
Jacky Dahomay:
It is simplistic to believe that it is enough to call the opposition to a dialogue all the while maintaining by fait accompli the elections which caused the problem to begin with.
January 11, 2001

"We will use your blood for ink."

Top Aristiders issue death threats against opposition.
Condemnation of these threats by:
Amnesty International
Representatives Gilman and Goss
Haitian press
United Nations
Haiti's Ayattolahs. By Jean Claude Fignole

January 3, 2001

Democratic Convergence

Forum for the Recuperation of Democracy
Resolutions | Coverage

December 25, 2000. For a Provisional Government of Consensus.

December 13. Declaration of Marlik. French original:

Reply to OAS.

December 28, 2000

President-elect Aristide

Agrees to Eight Points in Meetings with Tony Lake

Rapid rectification of the problems associated with the May 21 elections through runoffs for disputed senate seats or by other credible means.

Confirmation Letter to President Clinton
Comments by:
White House | State Department | Reps. Gilman and Goss
Gilman: The promises being made by Aristide are important. The proof, however, will be in the implementation. Regrettably, his record has not been encouraging.

January 8, 2001.

Service d'Information du Centre de Recherche et d'Action pour le Développement . Update.

December 27, 2000

Micha Gaillard

Balises pour Toute Vraie Alternative

To overcome its isolation, the Fanmi Lavalas is inviting many personalities from civil society to meetings at Tabarre. The apparent reason is to give these fellow citizens the illusion that they are contributing to a solution.

November 28, 2000.

Aujourd'hui, comme tout au long de l'Histoire d'Haïti.


December 18, 2000

Guy Pierre

Government Deficit a Hidden but Huge Factor

Haiti's former representative to the OAS, who lost his job for refusing to defend election irregularities, here notes that President Préval spent money he didn't have on the November 26 presidential elections and will leave office with a larger deficit than he inherited.

November 17, 2000.

Former senator Irvelt Chéry

The Record of Assassinations and Those Responsible

The outgoing OPL senator presents a list and calls for justice.

Les Victimes de la Insécurité in Haïti de 1995 a 2000.

Long file.

December 7, 2000

Michelle Montas

Notes on a talk by Jean Dominique's widow

Haiti Study Group, Washington.

Remembrance in New York

National Coalition for Haitian Rights, December 10, 2000.

December 6, 2000.

Fanmi Lavalas

Poised to Name Transition Team

December 7, 2000.

Human Rights Watch
New Report on Haiti by Joanne Mariner.
Part One | Part Two | Part Three

December 4, 2000.

Amnesty International

Urges UN not to abandon Haiti.

December 4, 2000.

Organization of the People in Struggle

Calls on the Nation to Build an Alternative

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Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Haiti's Aristide had the votes to win, yet cheated and so drained his win of legitimacy. By James R. Morrell. International Policy Report, August 2000.

In French: A vouloir toujours plus, voilà ce qui arrive...

March, 1999 Haiti: The Limits to Nation-building

How Haiti's impervious politics has blocked economic progress.


Organisation Fanmi Lavalas
"Investir dans l’Humain.”

Novembre 2000. Programme Économique et Social, 2001-2006.



Secret report of the presidential commission on the disputed 1997 elections.

A CIP-web-page exclusive. In French:

A little background:

(Also known as C.P.A. or Lissade Commission report. Written in 1998, published in 1999.)

Perspective on Elections in Haiti. By Prof. Henry F. Carey.
Published by the University of California