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Après les Élections du 26 Novembre. SICRAD, 27 nov. 2000.
Déclaration de la Convergence Démocratique. November 29, 2000.
Aristide Declares for Peace. November 24, 2000. Intensification de la violence. Nov. 22 report: Nov. 23:
OPL Says Aristiders Plan to Attack Parliament November 22, Pin It on Opposition, Then Sack Offices and Arrest Leaders. Received November 21, 2000. State Department Issues First Travel Advisory for Haiti, November 17, 2000.

Mise en Garde de M. Sajous Contre la Tenue du Scrutin. Radio Métropole, November 3, 2000.

Electoral Commission Sticking to November Date. SICRAD. 6 Nov. 2000.

Opposition Renews Call for Boycott. Radio Métropole, November 8, 2000.

Seven Policemen Get Asylum in Ecuador. SICRAD, 6 Novembre 2000. Their Allegations. 26 octobre 2000.
Why I was forced from my job as Haiti's representative at the OAS. Guy Pierre.
Après l'Échec de l'OEA, Carlos Andrez Perez Veut Essayer... SICRAD, 23 oct 2000.
Quelle Chance de Réussite de la Troisième Mission de l'OEA? SICRAD, 16 oct 2000.
Mairies dans la Tourmente. SICRAD, 16 oct 2000.

FONKOZE, Fondasyon Kole Zepòl, Haiti's Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor. About Fonkoze: How to help Fonkoze:

Propositions de la Convergence Démocratique. 21 octobre. Opposition Proposes Solution. October 24, 2000.
House Foreign Affairs Committee hears GAO report, September 19, 2000.

Finalized GAO Report on Foreign Assistance and the Haitian Justice System

Committee press release.
Hearing notes.
Armed threats against two prominent Haitians

Press Advisory by Gérard Pierre-Charles. November 3, 2000.

Local Reportage. SICRAD, 6 Nov.

3 Nov.

Congressional Interview with Chavannes Jean-Baptiste in 1998.

Lavalas Denies Responsibility. November 6, 2000.


Two important gains for the rule of law in Haiti!

Raboteau Massacre Trial Finds Sixteen Former Soldiers Guilty. November 11, 2000.

Procès du Massacre de Carrefour-Feuilles : Verdict. SICRAD, 18 septembre 2000.

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February 5, 2001
Statement of Human Rights Organizations
President-elect Aristide's stated commitment to remedy Haiti's current problems will only be meaningful if it is borne out by genuine reform efforts.

February 26, 2001
State Department
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices -2000
August 2000
Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Haiti's Aristide had the votes to win, yet cheated and so drained his win of legitimacy. By James R. Morrell. International Policy Report, .

Français: A vouloir toujours plus, voilà ce qui arrive...

July 13, 2000
The OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Haiti: Chief of Mission Report to the Permanent Council
March, 1999
Haiti: The Limits to Nation-building

How Haiti's impervious politics has blocked economic progress.


Novembre 2000
Organisation Fanmi Lavalas
Government Plan
"Investir dans l’Humain.”

Programme Économique et Social, 2001-2006.



Secret report of the presidential commission on the disputed 1997 elections.

A CIP-web-page exclusive. Français:

A little background:

(Also known as C.P.A. or Lissade Commission report. Written in 1998, published in 1999.)

Perspective on Elections in Haiti. By Prof. Henry F. Carey.
Published by the University of California