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March 1, 2002

Trinity College conference explores economic prospects



Prof. Robert Maguire, Rep. Corinne Brown, and Dr. Joseph Baptiste

Published in 2001

Beverly Bell
Haitian Women's Stories of Survival and Resistance
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February, 2002
Aristide Foundation Celebrates "Culture of Peace"

February 24, 2002

Ray Killick

Would an After-Aristide Be Any Better?

Special to the Haiti Democracy Project web page


February 28, 2002
Read the same author's "Side with Haiti on Principle, not Skin Color"

March 2002

State Department

Finds Haiti's Human-Rights Record "Generally Poor"

International Press Institute

Harassment of Journalists

Haiti : 2001 World Press Freedom Review
By Charles Arthur

February 5, 2002
Amnesty International Calls on Bahamas to Respect 1951 Refugees Convention on Right to Political Asylum

February 7, 2002

National Coalition for Haitian Rights

Notes Human-Rights Decline in Aristide's First Year Back

January 24, 2002
Prime Minister Resigns Amid Scandal Over His New Mansion

January 29, 2002

Dead End: Jean Dominique Murder Investigation

January 14, 2002

President Aristide

Speech to Parliament
Fails to Renew Mandate of Judge Gassant

January 24, 2002

Gérard Pierre-Charles

Was the departing prime minister ever really the prime minister?

January 14, 2002

Micha Gaillard

Attacked By Mob at the Airport

January 16, 2002

HRW Cites Worsening Situation in Haiti

World Report 2002
Condemns December repression

January 16, 2002

OAS Resolution on Haiti


January 14, 2002

Haiti: How Nation-building Has Gone Awry

By David Adams

St. Petersburg Times

"The situation called for a long-term program of nation-building to create or restore all of the institutions of government in tandem," said Haiti expert James Morrell, research director at the Center for International Policy, a Washington-based think tank.

January 11, 2002

How Brignol Lindor Was Murdered

Haitian Press Federation's Investigation and Reconstruction of Crime

A local Haitian reporter in Petit-Goave hacked to death by a mob because he allowed Aristide opponents on his radio show.


January 11, 2002

RSF calls for Aristide's visa to be pulled and overseas accounts frozen for obstructing murder investigation

Twenty-three other officials named in murders of Jean Dominique and Brignol Lindor.


January 8, 2002

Hollow Victory

Comparing Afghanistan With Haiti: Commentary by Haiti Project director James R. Morrell. Published in Haiti-Observateur

January 7, 2002

Fallout from December 17 Violence

December 20, 2001

Micha Gaillard

Sauver Haïti de l’anarchie et de l’intolérable

December 3, 2001

Ronald V. Dellums

Calls for Loans to Aristide Government

Former congressional leader writing in Washington Times as consultant to government of Haiti

December 1, 2001

Evans Paul

Aristide Using Tactics of Former Regimes

Suppressing peaceful demonstrations. "Since the repression is without limits, then the mobilization should also be without limits."


November 12, 2001
International Alliance for Justice for Jean Dominique

Calls for Lifting Murder Suspect's Immunity

"The refusal to lift his parliamentary immunity would represent a denial of justice."

Murder Suspect Senator Danny Toussaint Calls Reporters Sans Frontières Coordinator a "Terrorist"

Restore All Loans to Aristide Government

A Call by Many Distinguished U.S. Progressive Personalities and Organizations

November 19, 2001

Smarck Michel

Former prime minister of Haiti

"Full Circle of Savagery": Comment on Inhuman Treatment of Inmates at National Penitentiary

News report on riot in prison that left five dead


November 14, 2001

Death of Suspected Murderer of Jean Dominique Casts Doubt on Willingness of Authorities to Solve Case


November 8, 2001

Congressional Black Caucus

Asks President Bush for Meeting to Discuss Frozen Aid to Haiti

November 12, 2001
Troubles in Capital

November 12, 2001

No Action on Jean Dominique Murder Case

November 12, 2001

Amnesty International

Human rights at risk

October 30, 2001
Haiti Project joins in letter to President Aristide protesting death threats to human-rights workers in Haiti

October 26, 2001

Who is most to blame for the political crisis—Aristide or the opposition?
Response by CIP research director James Morrell in Inter-American Dialogue Latin America Adviser

September 27, 2001
Ten Years After the Coup
From Dictatorship to Democracy
Part 2
Chart of Progress


September 27, 2001
Cites Amnesty Report, Quotes Haiti Project's Morrell

September 27, 2001

Amnesty International

Reports Deterioration in Human Rights

September 3, 2001

Fanmi Lavalas

With the People, we cannot lose.

September 4, 2001

Ana Arana

Haitian Murder Mystery
A hero of the liberation struggle, Dominique thought his ties to power would protect him. He was wrong . . . (cont'd)

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September 10, 2001

Study Finds Unexpected Non-Lavalas Strength in May 2000 First Round

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James R. Morrell

Paper delivered at the Latin American Studies Association, Washington, D.C.

Non-FL senatorial candidates outpolled FL in four of eight departments.
Votes discarded by top-four method exceeded votes won by either FL senatorial candidate in six of eight departments.
Review of tallies finds greater diversity among electorate than first reported.

February 5, 2001
Statement of Human Rights Organizations
President-elect Aristide's stated commitment to remedy Haiti's current problems will only be meaningful if it is borne out by genuine reform efforts.

January 18 , 2001

Civil Society Initiative
Appeal for Solution of the Crisis
February 26, 2001
State Department
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices—2000
August 2000
Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Haiti's Aristide had the votes to win, yet cheated and so drained his win of legitimacy. By James R. Morrell. International Policy Report, .

Français: A vouloir toujours plus, voilà ce qui arrive...

July 13, 2000
The OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Haiti: Chief of Mission Report to the Permanent Council
March, 1999
Haiti: The Limits to Nation-building

How Haiti's impervious politics has blocked economic progress. By James Morrell, Hugh Byrne, and Rachel Neild


Novembre 2000
Organisation Fanmi Lavalas
Government Plan
"Investir dans l’Humain.”

Programme Économique et Social, 2001-2006.



Secret report of the presidential commission on the disputed 1997 elections.

A www.haitipolicy.org exclusive. Français:

A little background:

(Also known as C.P.A. or former Lissade Commission report. Written in 1998, published in 1999.)

Perspective on Elections in Haiti. By Prof. Henry F. Carey.
Published by the University of California

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