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March 15, 2002

Dear President Aristide,

We are writing in support of the Radio Haiti editorial by Michele Montas of February 3, 2002, the memorandum from the Fondation Eko Vwa Jean Dominique from February 12, 2002, and the numerous human rights organizations, journalists and supporters of Haiti who remain deeply concerned that justice prevail in the murder of Jean Dominique.

Again, we urge you, as the Chief of State, to renew the mandate of Judge Claudy Gassant. Not only does his exhaustive investigation into the deaths of Jean Dominique and Jean-Claude Louissant offer the clearest hope that justice will prevail, but the failure to reappoint him raises tremendous doubts about the Lavalas Party's commitment to a functioning and free judicial system.

We ask you further, to insist that all the resources of the government be made available to Judge Gassant. That includes publicly supporting that action be taken on the arrest warrants issued for Richard Salomon, Frank Joseph and Ronald Camille that remain shockingly unexecuted to this date.

In addition, it is imperative that Senator Dany Toussaint's parliamentary immunity be lifted. That a prime witness in this case is allowed to publicly intimidate and effectively stymie both the judiciary and parliament offers a clear signal to Haiti - and to the rest of the world - that certain basic democratic principles are dysfunctional today in Haiti.

As the leader of Haiti, you have spoken often and passionately over the years about establishing a climate of tolerance, about the right of free expression, safety for journalists and the necessity for an open, unprejudiced judicial system. The murder of Jean Dominique and Jean-Claude Louissant has become the international test case of whether those democratic sentiments are sincere.

Please, for the sake of Haiti's future, the integrity of both your administration and the political party you head, return the Jean Dominique file to Judge Gassant and exert all your Presidential power and influence to make sure justice is done.

Respectfully yours,

International Alliance for Justice for Jean Dominique Woody Allen Jonathan Demme Danny Glover Richard Gere Wycleff Jean Norman Mailer Toni Morrison Paul Newman Sting Tim Robbins Suzanne Sarandon Julia Roberts Denzel Washington Robin Williams Robert Altman Quincy Jones Paul Thomas Anderson Stephen King Robert De Niro Natasha Richardson John Cusack Travis Anderson Glenn Allen Jorge Aguirre Guy Antoine Dominique Arden (France) Neda Armian George Armitage Adrienne Armstrong Judy Arthur Lauren Bacall Eugenie Bafaloukos (Greece) John Bailey Ted Bafaloukos (Greece) Bob Balaban Bruno Barreto (Brazil) Ed Begley, Jr. Hercules Bellville (UK) Andrea Belokopitsky-Medard Patricia Benoit Luc Beraud (France) Luc Besson (France) David Blaine Max Blanchet Marcel Bluwal (France) Robert Bookman John Boorman (Ireland) Kader Boukhanef (France) Judith Boukhanef-Haïm (France) Ron Bozman Taylor Branch Adam Brooks Claude Brulé (France) Anthony Calypso Jean Cl. Carrière (France) Kathleen Carroll Father Robert Castle Shari Cavin Mishka Cheyko (France) Ethan Coen Joel Coen Marc Cohen Alix Conde Claude Confortes (France) Janet Branch Cooke Roger Corman Alain Corneau (France) Jonathan Cott Ophelia Dahl Edwidge Danticat Leslee Dart Ossie Davis Ruby Dee Claire Denis (France) Sophie Deschamps (France) David Dinkins Tashi Dolma (Tibet) Louise Doutreligne (France) Robert Downey, Sr. Joel Dreyfuss Katherine Dunham Ricot Dupuy Sister Carole East Nora Ephron Vera Feyder (France) Jacqueline Fils-Aimé Jean-Paul Fils-Aimé Tony Fitzpatrick Milos Forman Gil Friesen Alain Franck (France) Peter Gabriel (UK) Rene Gattereau Lizi Gelber (France) Joyce George Amos Gitai (Israel) Danny Glover Gary Goetzman Spalding Gray Brian Grazer David Greenberger Lynn Grossman J.-C. Grumberg (France) Hans Hageman Ivan Hageman Margareta Haïm (France) Victor Haïm (France) Lisa Gay Hamilton Thomas Harris Beth Henley Laurent Heynemann (France) Bonnie Hlinomaz Caroline Huppert (France) Mary Beth Hurt Amy Irving Sakina Jaffrey Gina Jarrin Jean Jean-Pierre Margo Jefferson Norman Jewison Spike Jonze Nelly Kaplan (France) Anna Karina (France) Andy Keir Wendy Keys David E. Kelley Philippe Kelly (France) Polly King Alexa Kleinbard Beth Kling Lewis Kornhauser Michael Kuhling Christine Lahti Pascal Lainé (France) Vincent Landay Darrell Larson Paul Lazar Norman Lear Spike Lee Patrick Lemoine Pierre-Ange Le Pogam (France) John Lesher Catherine Leterrier (France) Skip Lievsay Carol Littleton Sidney Lumet Polly Mallinson (UK) Eduardo Manet (France) Michael Mann Jean-Pierre Marchand (France) Philippe Mari (France) Philippe-Richard Marius Mathilda May (France) Jocelyne Mayas James McBride Errol McDonald Craig McKay Bevin McNamara Mike Medavoy Jo Menell Randall Morris Teresa Mulha John Paul Newport Thandie Newton (UK) Rick Nicita Duafe Nkuruma-Kesee Rainer Nurnberger Ron Nyswaner Ol Parker (UK) Gene Parseghian Annie-B Parson Gregory Peck Arthur Penn Suzana Peric Anna Hamilton Phelan Harold Pinter (UK) Johnny Planco Lucas Platt Marc Platt Sidney Poitier Rachel Portman (UK) Chip Post J.F. Prevand (France) Dominique Probst (France) Robert Redford Ken Regan Emmanuel Rigaut (France) Randall Robinson Jim Roche Arundhati Roy Peter Saraf Ed Saxon Rob Schmidt Steve Schmidt Paul Schrader Martin Scorsese Leon Sevilla Stella Sevilla Bob Shacochis Jim Sheridan (Ireland) Howard Shore Ken Starr Mary Steenburgen Rudi Stern Peter Stone Irwin Stotzky Trudie Styler Rose Styron Susanna Styron William Styron Barbara Sukowa J.Ch. Tacchella (France) Mary Tanneberger Valerie Thomas Robert Farris Thompson Mary Tobler Jean-Yves Urfié (Italy) Steven Van Zandt Edie Vonnegut Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Pauletta Washington Joe Weisbord Claudette Werleigh Amy Wilentz Daniel Wolff Alfre Woodard Kristi Zea cc: Prime Minister of the Republic of Haiti, S.E Yvon Neptune Minister for Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Republic of Haiti,S.E Joseph Philippe Antonio Minister for Justice and Public Safety of the Republic of Haiti, Mr. Jean Baptiste Brown President of The United States of America, The Honorable Mr. George W. Bush Secretary of State of The United States of America, The Honorable Colin L. Powell US Ambassador to Haiti, Mr. Brian Dean Curran Prime Minister of France, Mr. Lionel Jospin Foreign Minister of France, Mr. Hubert Vedrine French Ambassador to Haiti, S.E Yves Gaudeul Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, The Rt Hon. Tony Blair Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The Rt Hon. Jack Straw UK Ambassador to Haiti, Mr. D.G. Ward Secretary-General, United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan Executive Director of Amnesty International, Mr. Bill Schulz Chairman of Human Rights Watch, Mr. Jonathan Fanton Secretary General of Reporters Sans Frontiers, Mr. Robert Menard Editor in Chief of Index on Censorship (UK), Ms. Ursula Owen Assistant Director General of UNESCO Programme for Freedom of Expression, Democracy and Peace, Mr. Alain Modoux Executive Director of National Coalition for Haitian Rights, Mr. Jocelyn McCalla Executive Director of The Committee to Protect Journalists, Ms. Ann Kooper PEN American Center Michael Tigar Esq. Ramsey Clark Esq.

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