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May 29, 2001

Amnesty International


Annual Report 2000
The human rights situation deteriorated sharply, despite some positive steps towards accounting for past human rights violations. The electoral period was marred by assassinations of public figures and by violent attacks by political partisans, most often self-described supporters of the Fanmi Lavalas (FL) party. Illegal security forces acting under the auspices of newly-elected local and regional officials emerged.

May 31, 2001

OAS Mission Leaves Empty-handed

May 31, 2001

Democratic Convergence

Memorandum to the Secretary-General of the OAS

May 29, 2001

Hazel Ross-Robinson

Breaking the Logjam in Haiti: A Time for Transparency

May 24, 2001

Jacky Dahomay

La crise haïtienne: quelle sortie ?
A government emerging from such an anti-democratic process cannot be legitimate.

May 28, 2001. News roundup: OAS mission, proposals to end crisis, Dominique investigation

May 18, 2001

President Aristide

Appeals to Opposition for Unity on Flag Day

May 18, 2001

Quixote Center

Aristide Upholds Democracy

May 18, 2001

Inter-American Press Association

Calls on Aristide to Protect Judge
Cites contradictory reports on whether the judge's police protection has been pulled. "Without guarantees or adequate protection the investigation and its results will be compromised." Mission going to Haiti to support investigation.
May 14, 2001

Info Haiti

Judge Will Implicate Many Top Lavalas Figures in Dominique Murder

Places Aristide closer to crime than previous reports.

Former Aristide bodyguards have twice threatened the judge, who has inadequate police protection.

May 15, 2001

Kidnapers Told Ivorian Journalist to Stop Investigating Dominique Assassination

Click below for the web's biggest collection on the investigation:

More Dominique stories

May 18, 2001

President Aristide

Blames opposition for blocking the money.
Tells local elected officials to complete their terms.
Seen as hardening position. With comments by Evans Paul and the Civil Society Initiative. However, Aristide was not necessarily referring to legislators. Says he stands by March 14 offer to shorten their terms. More from President Aristide
A Haitian News Service

May 10, 2001

Democratic Convergence

Position Paper for the OAS Mission
More from Democratic Convergence
May 8, 2001

President Aristide

Says Convergence Won't Meet With Him
Other Recent Aristide Speeches or Interviews

May 10, 2001

Business Community

Proposal to Resolve the Crisis

April 30, 2001

Gérard Pierre-Charles

Pseudo-legal Tricks Used to Repress the Opposition
Presentation in Washington

May 9, 2001

Protests Government Obstacles to Dominique Investigation
Letter to Aristide | Press Release
April 28
Condemns Attacks on Three Radio Stations

Democratic Convergence


May 3, 2001

Gérard Gourgue

Seven-Point Proposal
"What is killing Haiti is the title of president."
May 3, 2001

Michèle Montas

Open Letter to My Late Husband, Jean Dominique

May 4, 2001

President Aristide

Three Views of His Meeting on May 3:
Palace | Associated Press | Evans Paul

Sets May 18 as Next Date for Resolution of Crisis | Prime Minister Contradicts Date
Launches "Multi-Sector Coordination and Strategic Plan" Against AIDS

Seeks Initiative in Negotiations

Other Recent Aristide Speeches or Interviews

April 27, 2001
Top Aristide Senator Is Questioned in Assassination Plot Against Former President Préval

25 avril 2001

Syto Cavé

Letter from Haiti

April 25, 2001

International Alliance for Justice for Jean Dominique

Second Letter to President Aristide

April 20, 2001

False Summit

By James R. Morrell
Research director of the Center for International Policy

A meeting of world leaders such as the Summit of the Americas should be an occasion for the resolution, not exacerbation, of differences . . . cont'd

April 19, 2001

Amnesty International

Human Rights Challenges Facing the New Government

Summit of the Americas Coverage

April 11, 2001
Lavalas Official Anticipates Staying in Power One or Two Decades

April 9, 2001

Former Senator Rony Mondestin

"Low-intensity Dictatorship": The Plan for Politicization of the Police and Elimination of the Opposition with U.S. Support
Aristide with Peace on His Lips and War in His Heart (new translation)

Author is a former figure in the Haitian Communist Party (PUCH) and was head of the Constitutional Bloc in the Haitian senate, 1991-94, campaigning for the return of President Aristide. Since the late 1980s, a leader of the small Movement for National Revolution (MRN), the party of René Théodore. Théodore was the 1992 prime-ministerial nominee under the OAS's Washington Accord.

Organization of the People in Struggle
What Is the OPL?
OPL Statement on Recent Violence


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