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April 3, 2001

Ana Arana

The Case of Jean Dominique: A Report for the Inter-American Press Association

April 3, 2001

Amnesty International

Killing of Jean Dominique Must Not Go Unpunished

Reporters Sans Frontières

Who Killed Jean Dominique?
3 APRIL 2000 - 3 APRIL 2001. "If they murdered him, they can murder any journalist." An investigation in Haiti, March 19-25.
April 2
One-year Anniversary of the Murder

Other Jean Dominique stories

March 18, 2001

Jean-Claude Bajeux

False Prophet
The FNCD nominated the wrong man in 1990. The politics of exclusion began almost immediately.
March 20, 2001

Micha Gaillard

Mediate or Mobilize?

The crisis is more than electoral; the solution will have to be as well. The Democratic Convergence is a new kind of opposition, one that could not be bought off by offers of jobs in the government. It is holding out for a true political pact that will change things or none at all.

The author is one of Haiti's leading political analysts and one of the makers of the March 6, 1999 accord that made possible the May 2000 elections. He then had to argue for that agreement against other sectors of the opposition who said that the government couldn't be trusted. He now questions a mediation that seeks only a compromise on the elections.

March 28, 2001

Gérard Gourgue

Speech on Constitution Day | Declaration of the Provisional President

March 22, 2001

ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Commission

Resolution on the Situation in Haiti

March 22, 2001

Amnesty International

Violence Should End Now
March 12
Urgent Action on Behalf of Threatened Judge

March 27, 2001

Haiti Reborn/Quixote Center

Global Exchange


Now available: Elections 2000: Participatory Democracy in Haiti

February 2001 | Prepared By: Melinda Miles, Coordinator, Haiti Reborn/Quixote Center with Moira Feeney, Haiti Program Coordinator, Global Exchange

"Free, fair and peaceful elections were held despite neglect from the UN, OAS, and the United States."

March 26, 2001
Haiti's Week of Troubles

March 24, 2001

Marina Jiménez

Should Haiti be Disinvited from the Summit of the Americas?

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who took office as Haiti's president six weeks ago, asked "all citizens to promote peace" — but his supporters are the ones orchestrating the violence. Should Haiti attend next month's Summit of the Americas in Quebec City?

March 22, 2001
Are Women's Rights Utopian in the Current Conditions of Haiti?

With commentary by CIP's James Morrell.

March 8, 2001

Léon Manus

Memorandum to the OAS
He has not resigned as election commissioner and tells OAS of manipulation of results after 60 percent voted on election day, May 21, 2000.
March 23, 2001

Civil-society organizations

Resolution condemning the violence and calling the parties back to the table.

March 22, 2001
Aristide's Opposition.
Haiti's opposition parties have a legitimate role in a democracy. Editorial by the Miami Herald.
March 19, 2001
Update on Recent Violence

March 20, 2001

State Department

Appeals for Calm

March 20, 2001

Organization of American States

Condemns Violence | Declines to Send Mission

March 14, 2001

Foreign Minister Antonio


OAS photo
Appeals for OAS Mission to Haiti

March 20, 2001


Calls on Aristide to Behave Responsibly

March 15, 2001

Center for Free Enterprise and Democracy

Statement in Support of the Civil Society Initiative

March 12, 2001

International Alliance for Justice for Jean Dominique

Letter to President Aristide

Foundation to Echo the Voice of Jean Dominique

Urgent Request for Support
Justice for Jean Dominique! For A Common Front Against Impunity!
This is a very urgent request for your immediate financial and political support for a process of mobilization occurring currently in Haiti aimed at placing the issue of JUSTICE at the center of the public debate.
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