Fondation Memoire

A foundation dedicated to the preservation of the culture and heritage of Haiti


  • To assist in the identification, preservation and maintenance of significant  artifacts of the Haitian national heritage. This will encompass items of  archeological, historical and cultural value. Among them are  documents, artifacts,  monuments, sites, persons, and historical figures.
  • To support the legal aspect of preservation, including the preparation of  international treaties and national legislation and regulations.
  • To work for the participation of civil society in the preservation of Haiti's archaeological, cultural and historical heritage
  • To raise the preservation issue in public policy debates locally and nationally
  • To join or cooperate with any other organizations with similar objectives
  • To acquire, preserve and distribute documents of value.
  • To counter threats to preservation of educational, civic, social, historical archeological, or cultural documents.
  • To support scientific research in preservation.
  • To extend preservation to Haiti's agricultural and ecological heritage



    Public education

  • Dissemination of reports, position papers, press releases, and newsletters highlighting Haiti's African and European heritage
  • Seminars on Haiti's archeological, cultural and historical heritage
  • Development of databases, libraries, research centers, and museums on Haiti's archeological, cultural and historical heritage
  • Identification and preservation of archives
  • Promotion of activities to support pro-preservation public policy
  • Support in the development of ecological and cultural tourism



    Jean-Leon Auguste, professor, University of Paris
    Gerard Barthelemy, anthropologist, Paris
    Marc Christophe, professor, University of the District of  Columbia
    Joseph Armand Francois, computer engineer, Imperial Software, New York
    Anne Edline Francois, legal consultant, Bethesda, Md.
    Jean-Yves Jason, former department director, Archives Nationales d'Haiti
    Michel Hector, professor, Universite d'Etat d'Haiti
    Frantz Antoine Leconte, professor, City University of New York
    Guy Maximilien, editor, Conjonction magazine, Port-au-Prince
    Eddy Magloire, educator, New York
    Eddy Mesidor, professor, City University of New York
    Ephele Milce, chief librarian, Bibliotheque Haitienne, Port-au-Prince
    Claude Moise, historian, Montreal
    Robert Nicolas, attorney, Curtis and Lewis, Washington, D.C.
    Etienne Telemaque, educator, New York
    Michel-Rolph Trouillot, professor, Johns Hopkins University
    Frantz Voltaire, editor, CIDHICA publishing house, Port-au-Prince

    Fondation Memoire
    5306 Danbury Road
    Bethesda, Md. 20814
    (301) 571-9745

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