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June 11, 2002

OAS will try shuttle diplomacy

June 10, 2002

Democratic Convergence

Says won't participate in talks now because of inadequate security.

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Professions of the Southeast
Decries Situation in Region

June 4, 2002



Resolution calls for resumption of election talks, initiation of aid talks

Anticipating success in elections talks, IFIs should see how they could help.

June 3, 2002

Secretary-General Gaviria

The Haitian government must respect all of Resolution 806 and the opposition must show goodwill and return to the table to reach a political agreement. A definitive solution requires new elections. They are a sine qua non for international aid.

June 3, 2002

Secretary of State Powell

OAS missions have not failed, Haitian politicians have.


May 27 , 2002

Mario Andrésol

Letter to OAS
Top police commander says it was his duty to investigate the entourage of drug traffickers and criminals, among them top officials, senators, and police, that were swept into power with Aristide's inauguration in February 2001. When he did that, he was arrested and nearly assassinated.
May 29, 2002

Democratic Convergence

Letter to OAS

Resolution 806, Article 4b called for "the prosecution of any person, and dismissal, when appropriate, of any person found to be complicit in the violence of December 17, 2001, and subsequent days." Despite this, the judicial and political authorities have shown no intention of carrying out this fundamental article. The legal complaints brought by the leading victims of these criminal acts have produced no prosecutions of any of the persons named in the complaints as directly responsible.

May 21, 2002

Organization of American States

Situation in Haiti: Report of the Secretary General on the Implementation of CP/Res. 806 (1303/02) corr. 1 and AG Res. 1831 (XXXI-O/01).

May 28, 2002

Amnesty International

Human Rights Gains Endangered: Annual Report

May 26, 2002

Ray Killick

Elevate the Tone of the Debate
special to haitipolicy.org
Jacques Roumain and Anthony Lespès offer two good models. The true democrat tolerates all currents of opinion, even of opportunists who usurp the democratic label to pursue their selfish ends. But as the level is raised, these types tend to reveal themselves by their very language.

May 22, 2002

Lino Gutierrez
Calls Parties to Table

Deputy assistant secretary of state says regime "refuses to adhere to the most basic principles of good governance." However, opposition parties that refuse to negotiate "will be left behind."

May 22–29, 2002

Who Is to Blame for the Imposition of the Sanctions?

"The times have truly changed, because this question is posed by an ex-supporter of Aristide, James R. Morrell, who directs the Haiti Democracy Project, a continuation of the Center for International Policy's Haiti Project during the coup period. An adviser to the former priest during the Governors Island negotiations and an OAS observer during the contested elections of May 21, 2000, Mr. Morrell poses this question in a commentary and responds without ambiguity: 'Aristide himself . . . '" (cont'd)

May 23, 2002

Inter-American Dialogue

Latin America Adviser

The Interactive Forum for the Region’s Leaders
Are There Investment Opportunities in Crisis-Wracked Haiti?
Response by the Haiti Democracy Project
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Further Project Commentary on the Role of the Private Sector

May 22, 2002

Haiti Democracy a Work in Progress, Says OAS Mission Chief

May 17, 2002

European Union–Latin America Summit Calls for Stepped-Up Democracy Effort in Haiti

April, 2002

Trinity College Haiti Program
Symposium on Economic Development in Haiti: Investment, International Assistance, and Governance

May 14, 2002
Aristide Blames Opposition
Commentary by Haiti Democracy Project

May 16, 2002

RSF Says Situation is Serious in Colombia, Cuba, and Haiti

May 16, 2002


National Call-In Day Friday, May 17, 2002, for Haitian Asylum-Seekers Unjustly Detained in Miami!
Haitians are being singled out for discriminatory treatment under a targeted detention order.

May 16, 2002

Brignol Lindor's Parents in Exile in France

Received death threats from murderers of their son. Murderers are members of a pro-Aristide gang in Petit-Goâve. Minister of Culture Guy Paul said Lindor was killed because he was a member of the Democratic Convergence, not an independent journalist, which parents deny.

May 10 , 2002

Convergence Presents Wish List to OAS

May 3, 2002

Applying the Democratic Charter to Haiti


Roger F. Noriega, U.S. ambassador to the OAS

May 14, 2002

OAS commission to evaluate compensation

May 4, 2002

A Framework for Leadership in Haiti

Ray Killick
Special to www.haitipolicy.org
May 13, 2002

Bush Administration Jails Haitian Asylum-Seekers

Lets All Others Go Free

"The message we'll be sending to the president and his brother is that unless the Haitians are treated fairly, people are going to remember that come election time . . . " cont'd

May 13, 2002

Press Predators

They order violations of press freedom and have others do the deed. They might be president, cabinet minister, army chief . . . (cont'd)

April 18, 2002

Congressional Resolution to Lift Sanctions Against Haiti


May 10, 2002

Today's riddle: Find the significant passage in this document.

President Aristide's address to the U.N. Special Session on Children


May 6, 2002

Secretary of State Powell

No Progress in Haiti in the Eight Years Since Lavalas Reinstatement
Prime Minister Neptune: He's entitled to his opinion, but the Haitian people will be the sole judges.

Jean-Claude Bajeux

The Repression of December 17, 2001: An Essay
Detailed Chronology by the Ecumenical Center for Human Rights (CEDH)
Biodata on Jean-Claude Bajeux

April 3, 2002

Justice for Jean Dominique

Statement of human-rights organizations
International Alliance for Justice for Jean Dominique

April 2, 2002

Amnesty International

Assassination of Jean Dominique: Two Years After

March, 2002

Dany Toussaint: Scapegoat or Sacrificial Lamb?

By Raymond Joseph

March 8, 2002

Gérard Pierre-Charles

The Attacks of December 17—A Personal Memoir

January, 2002

Robert Maguire

Haiti's Troubles Continue. Nueva Sociedad, Caracas, January 2002

March 3, 2002

Michèle Montas Dominique

Questions removal of Judge Gassant

Christophe Wargny

Haiti Becoming a Difficult Cause to Defend

Last three months' articles

Aristide and new prime minister Yvon Neptune ramp up war of words against opposition, international community, and part of the Haitian private sector, blaming them for international sanctions intended to pressure the regime to hold fair elections. According to Aristide, the sanctions created the conditions that forced Haitians to take to the boats, resulting in drownings off the Bahamas. Therefore, the opposition Democratic Convergence was responsible for the suffering of the Haitian people. "The Haitian people have a lot of understanding. What they did not understand yesterday they will understand tomorrow. What they do not understand well today they can understand very well the day after tomorrow. And you will not like it when they know who caused the economic sanctions to be imposed and maintained on the country."

—Radio Métropole

Commentary by James R. Morrell

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September 10, 2001

Study Finds Unexpected Non-Lavalas Strength in May 2000 First Round

Click on map to see the vote





James R. Morrell

Paper delivered at the Latin American Studies Association, Washington, D.C.

Non-FL senatorial candidates outpolled FL in four of eight departments.
Votes discarded by top-four method exceeded votes won by either FL senatorial candidate in six of eight departments.
Review of tallies finds greater diversity among electorate than first reported.

February 5, 2001
Statement of Human Rights Organizations
President-elect Aristide's stated commitment to remedy Haiti's current problems will only be meaningful if it is borne out by genuine reform efforts.

January 18 , 2001

Civil Society Initiative
Appeal for Solution of the Crisis
February 26, 2001
State Department
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices—2000
August 2000
Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Haiti's Aristide had the votes to win, yet cheated and so drained his win of legitimacy. By James R. Morrell. International Policy Report, .

Français: A vouloir toujours plus, voilà ce qui arrive...

July 13, 2000
The OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Haiti: Chief of Mission Report to the Permanent Council
March, 1999
Haiti: The Limits to Nation-building

How Haiti's impervious politics has blocked economic progress. By James Morrell, Hugh Byrne, and Rachel Neild


Novembre 2000
Organisation Fanmi Lavalas
Government Plan
"Investir dans l’Humain.”

Programme Économique et Social, 2001-2006.



Secret report of the presidential commission on the disputed 1997 elections.

A www.haitipolicy.org exclusive. Français:

A little background:

(Also known as C.P.A. or former Lissade Commission report. Written in 1998, published in 1999.)

Perspective on Elections in Haiti. By Prof. Henry F. Carey.
Published by the University of California

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